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Welcome to Sarasota Vintage Typewriters

We have the largest selection in the area of the finest typewriters ever made.

You're invited to learn and try our typewriters to find the one that speaks to you.

Our Story

Sarasota Vintage Typewriters is part of a new and emerging movement to unplug our creativity. Our aim is to disconnect and ourselves and our children from the effects of our geometrically growing and unsustainable digital invasion.

Owner and manual typewriter enthusiast, Dennis Brock is a self-made inventor, entrepreneur, microscopist, photographer, musician, herbalist, speaker and writer.

VIDEO- Woody Allen Loves His Vintage Manual Typewriter


These machines will never be made again...

Join us!

Sarasota Type - In Socials

All are welcome to Unplug and Create

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We are local and have the largest selection of vintage manual typewriters in the country. Whether you're an aspiring writer, or a distinguished author we have one that will speak to you.


Buying a typewriter on-line is never a good idea because they are all different. We will give you time and choices. Contact us for an appointment at the office. 


Olivetti Underwood 21

Royal Royal Light

Olivetti Underwood 21

This is a large substantial typewriter called the Olivetti Underwood 21. It has a very crisp precise sound. Its beautiful from a function standpoint and the way it looks too. Both the case and the typewriter were made in Spain. This is a very nice piece and its in good to excellent condition.

Royal Mariner

This is a older Royal Royal Light. Made about mid 60’s. This is a great typewriter for taking with you The machine itself works perfectly and its in excellent condition.  The case is not in great shape, and needs a new zipper as many of them do.

Remington Quiet-Riter

This Remington 1040. This is a very precise machine and you can hear it in the snap of the keys. That tells you something. It’s a relatively inexpensive but a good machine and in very good shape.

Royal Speed King

This deep blue Royal Mariner is in superb condition and if it weren't for the yellowing keys, which give it a nice patina, it would look like it had never been used. With it's light weight and case, also near perfect, this is a take it anywhere, type in the park if ou want, perfect creative companion. The color alone is worth having. It's priced in accordance with it's condition...$350.00 plus shipping.

Royal Portable 1966

Smooth typing Royals like this one, similar to the "Safari". The price makes this an ideal first typewriter for the aspiring writer. Mae in the mid 60's, this typewriter does not come with a case which explains it's relatively low price. I can supply a case for an additional price but it's a great stay at home typer. $290.00 plus shipping.

This Remington Quiet-Riter is a classic. This is a heavy, extremely well built typer that you can write on forever. With that crisp Remington action and a substantial wooden case, this is for the serious writer who wishes to spend hours at work. This particular piece is in excellent condition even though it was made in the 50's... #375.00 plus shipping.

Remington Letter Riter Deluxe

This Remington "Letter-Riter" Deluxe from the 60's has that crisp, light action that so many prefer. This is a serious writing machine from a fine old company. These are tough, yet precise. Unfortunately, this typewriter does not come with a case, but there are far lighter typewriters that come with cases and travel well. $350.00 plus shipping.

These old Royals were often the ones used to write the classic literature that we grew up on. This rare-colored Speed King is in super condition for it's advanced age. Novels were written on wonderful machines like these built in the mid 50's. The hard shell, original case protects it well and even has the original key, which almost never happens. $550.00 plus shipping.

Smith-Corona Classic Twelve

This Smith-Corona Classic Twelve is a large and heavy machine that is in excellent, almost-new condition. The twelve can handle a twelve inch piece of paper and comes in a metal case which is in good condition with some slight dents which can be removed if you are good at body work. Actually, I use a block of wood and a mallet but, this case is fine as it is. Portable, in theory, this beautiful machine would love a desk to reside on. She's one tough machine. $375.00 plus shipping.


We take great pride in serving our customers needs. Whether you are looking to purchase a typewriter, have one to trade, or are looking for more information regarding our type-in socials we are here to answer your questions.

We invite you to inquire, and will respond personally within 24 hours.

Thank you for contacting Sarasota Vintage Typewriters! We will happily respond within 24 hours of your inquiry. If you need immediate assistance please call us directly at: 941-342-7727. Thank you!

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